Diet and Health

Diet plays an important role in health throughout the life cycle. Specific amounts of nutrients are required in the development of the foetus at every growth stage. IF a mother is aware of the type and amount of diet that are required in all stages of the foetus  growth then some childhood diseases that children suffer from can become history.

When the child is born breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months then introduction to other foods can be introduced in bits. Research shows that children who have been exclusively breastfed do not fall sick as often as those who are introduced to other foods during the first six months.

We have known for some time that the increasing rates of obesity over the last 30 years are more closely related to TV viewing figures (hours/week) and the number of cars per household, than to how much we eat. It has now become a high profile media issue, with the slimming industry experiencing major growth.

The fact is our energy and fat intake has reduced, however energy expenditure has reduced by even more – hence a net increase in weight over time

It is very disturbing to learn that type II diabetes is now occurring in children as young as 13. Older overweight adults are at a very high risk of developing this disease. It is very rare in children but if precaution and care about the amount of food intake is not controlled they too run a risk of developing it at a very tender age and this can lead to premature cardiovascular disease.
Physical activities play a very important role in protecting us from, heart disease and cancer. A recent study shows positive effects of the physical exercises for the aging.  Human health has been affected by technology. Physical hand work has been replaced by machines; this has created a generation of less active humans.

Work like rolling machines allowed movement of muscles this used a lot of calories. Imagine this, one uses a dish washer, a floor cleaner, a washing machine and this same person doesn’t walk one kilometer to work he or she uses a vehicle.

If he or she can spare time to wash dishes by hand instead of watching Television he or she can burn a lot of calories without having to visit the gym. Physical activity should be given equal consideration whenever diet and health issues are being discussed.

Diet has many roles including pleasure, satisfaction, sharing and giving, social interaction, and of course nutritional well being, growth, development and reproduction. Too much or too little food in the diet can increase the risk of contracting diseases. It is advisable to eat right, the right potions and balanced meals. This will reduce the trips to the hospital.

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