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Ipad 2 sales could reach 45 million in 2011

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Apple iPad 2 Apps, ipad 2 sales, ipad 2 sales to reach 45 millionIPad 2 worldwide sales have reached 2.7 million in its first month based on sources at upstream touch panel suppliers in Taiwan. This is despite supply issues concerning the availability of cover lenses for the Apple tablet’s touch-screen modules following the Japan earthquake and tsunami in March.

Out of the world’s top five PC manufacturers, only Lenovo and Toshiba saw positive growth. HP fell 2.8 percent; Dell dropped 1.8 percent; and Acer sank 15.8 percent. Lenovo far outperformed the market, however, with a whopping 16.3 percent increase in sales.

Apple’s recorded iPad 2 sales for 2011 may exceed their most optimistic projections, as analysts have seen an indication from Asia component suppliers that Apple may sell 45 million iPad2 tablets this year.