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iPad 3 Specs, Features, Price and news

iPad 3 will apparently come in two models, one powered by the A5X dual core and the other running on A6 quad-core processor.

There are reports that the iPads are already being shipped to the US in readiness for the launch next week. Highly secured cargo has been leaving Chengdu in China where the company that makes iPads, Foxconn is based and they are being delivered to New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Foxconn is the world’s-largest maker of electronic components including iPad and iPhone.

There are plenty of rumors about what is included in the iPad 3, some exaggerated, like the 13MP camera that now appears to have been far-fetched.

The tablet will either have dual core or quad core processor, after both iPad 3 Logic Boards were photographed and images posted online.

It will also have retina display and LTE facility, plus other features found in earlier iPad 2 and iPhone 5 including voice assistant, siri, and iCloud. iPad 3 specifications news reports that the device will most likely run on iOS 5.1 software, following rumors that the operating system might also be released on the same day teh tablet will be launced.

Price of the iPad 3 will reportedly be more than the iPad 2 with some analysts speculating a price in the range of $70 more.

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