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iPhone 4S New Mobile Technology Innovation

iPhone 4S Mobile Phone Technology InnovationiPhone 4S is the first Apple device to be released post Steve Jobs time at the helm of the tech company., A list of its new features include its unique Siri voice software, iCloud and many more.

iOS 5 Operating System

This iOS 5 operating system delivers more than two hundred fresh functions to the iPhone 4S. Some of the features include:

Notification Center
Twitter Integration


This is the initial cell phone to smartly swap between 2 antennas in order to send and obtain, which is why the quality of call is superior. Additionally, it enhances the highest HSDPA data rates of speed to 14.4 Mbps. This only indicates speedier connections, loading and reloading, and downloads. iPhone 4S is an international phone, meaning it works almost wherever. No matter if you’re a CDMA or GSM client, you are able to roam in two hundred nations worldwide.

Dual Core A5 Chip

This feature provides as much as double the power and around 7 times speedier graphics. iPhone 4S is responsive and fast. And regardless of what you might be executing, you may continue doing so. iPhone 4S is power-efficient and has longer life cycle of battery.

Video Recording

iPhone 4S now comes with 1080p HD video. It has a feature which stabilizes shaky videos. Plus it is possible to edit and modify the video directly on your iPhone and then publish as soon as you capture.

8 Megapixel Camera

iPhone 4S camera has 8 megapix resolution plus a specialized lens with an aperture of f/2.4. It also possesses a better rear lighting indicator, face detection, exceptional automatic white balance, minimized motion blur and superior color precision. It only implies that regardless of the number of people, the amount of light, and the level of motion you take, it appears just like it should.


This may be the most suitable means to take care of each of your details, as it handles them to suit your needs. iCloud saves your applications, photos, music, mail, contacts, documents, calendars, and much more, then, without any wire, sends these to all of your devices. Steve Jobs, Apple founder and former CEO who died on 5th October 2011 would have liked the iPhone 4S.

Retina Display

This could be the phone display screen with the optimum resolution ever. Actually, the pixel solidity is very substantial that your eye cannot identify single pixels. Yet undeniably, you’ll observe well-defined graphics, sharp text, and spectacular images.


This iPhone 4S feature allows you to listen to and view the one on the other line. This works iPhone to other Apple products via Wi-Fi. Thus wherever you two may be, you can talk face to face.

iPhone 4S Siri

At this point, it is possible to use your own voice in using your iPhone. Just simply speak to Siri just like you do to a real person. It doesn’t just recognize what you tell it, it also figures out whatever you imply. Siri deciphers the fitting applications to utilize to get the appropriate solution. Subsequently, similar to a PA or personal assistant, Siri responds to you. It may call, send texts, make appointments and reminders, etc .


With this, you are able to easily stream whatever is on your iPhone 4S to your speakers and HDTV through Apple TV. With AirPlay Mirroring, you can use your iPhone and HDTV simultaneously.


You can now print directly from your iPhone via Wi-Fi. You don’t need any software, drivers, or cables. By means of only a couple of taps, it is possible to continue from seeing an item on your iPhone 4S to getting a hard copy.

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