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Google Panda Search Engine Optimization Update 101

Google Panda Search Engine Optimization Update 101Google posted their first batch of advice against the so-called Panda search engine watch, which was unleashed about a month ago before the roll out of Panda Relief Advice. Amit Singhal, search head for Google released another update for webmasters harmed by the Google Panda following their successful global update of the first advice three months ago.

There are some webmasters who are optimistic about the search engine optimization advice, so let’s check the content of the second panda relief advice.

Here’s what Google suggests:

Do you think this article has a reliable content?

Are the articles well written, from a known author with good background about the subject or it just talk about mundane things?

Does the site shows well-rewritten articles or just posting different articles with jumbled words or machined-spin articles that sometimes don’t make sense at all? Some search engine optimizers are well known plagiarists.

Would you entrust your credit card information and won’t have any worries in giving out the said information on this particular website?

Is the article free from any typographical and grammatical errors and is fully accurate regarding all the information they are posting?

Does the site have specific topics that they published basing it on their interest and knowledge or is the site showing topics that they knew is an SEO hit and can help them build their site’s rank?

Does content of this published article doesn’t have any trace of plagiarism, reviewed and researched thoroughly and is a 100% original creation of the site’s authors. Ie is the article written for seo or for humans?

Would the specific article be more useful when it comes to content than other results from the search?

Do you see agree that each article embodies a well-researched and well written article?

Are the articles fair and not biased towards any of the points of each story?

Do you have the number one site when it comes to this particular topic?

Does your site shows multiple results from different people as a result of content mass-production to avoid too much hit and attention from searchers?

Where the articles coherent or just posted without any effort to proof read the articles?

If it’s a life and death situation, would you risk following the articles on this site?

Would you remember the site by name and knew it is your trusted site if mentioned by others?

Do you think the article contains all necessary information that you would need regarding the topic?

Does this article have a very shallow analysis, done without thinking and research thus showing no substance at all?

If you would have a chance, would you take time to save or remember the name of this website as one of your useful website and offer it to other as well?

Does the article has so many pop-up messages encouraging you to follow a different links and promotions which you find aggravating?

Does the content of the article good enough to show any tendency to be published for a magazine or a book?

Are the articles not long enough that everything is in haze and not fully explained, thus finding it to be an incomplete material?

When checked, are the article content edited very well that when read you can notice all the specific details it wants to emphasize and those are not important.

Do you think searchers would appreciate the content of this website or not?

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