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Mobile Phone Platform: Waiting for the Super App

apple ipad 2 iOS 4.3.3 Software UpdateThe world of mobile phone technology has really evolved in the past 10 years. We can see this with all the modern gadgets that we have today. Our lives became a lot easier with these inventions.

Android Apps and Games

Android mobile platform is the most popular in the world with hundreds of thousands of free apps and games available for free download by users. However most android users prefer free games unlike in the itunes where most users are ready to buy good apps.

It was a little bumpy when personal computers started to surface. The system, designs, ideas did not jive together quite unlike modern mobile phones technology. But the first quarter of the year 1975 came, it was the starting point of what we have today. During that year, the Altair computer was featured. It was not the first machine to use the new microprocessor but it was just made with the right timing.

Altair was not a perfect invention, not until people took the time to enhance it seriously which made it a more polished invention because of the added microprocessor system.

Years passed and a lot of other computer inventions came but was just like a fad that died out. Aside from the computer machines, they also started developing more programs or computer systems which became a very useful tool that eventually developed to what we have today.

Apple iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 Software Update

Going to the present, this same scenario is happening to the mobile phone and computer tablet industry today. It is the time of smartphones today. Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 and Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 are leading software used for modern Smartphones and computer tablets.

One of the dominant platforms which are iPhone by Apple has the staying power in this industry. The reason is that they do not stop in just producing quality products with quality system but also continues in enhancing it. Like in the PC business, Apple is one of the dominant platforms and most likely will survive this revolution.

The Super App

What would save the problem in the limited competition in mobile phone platforms is by producing new applications because it has been a long time waiting for that super app.

Maybe, if anyone in the mobile phone and computer tablet market comes up with the best applications or software any consumer would want to have, then, they can give these two dominant platforms today a competition they should have a long time ago.

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