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Mobile Phone Technical Tips and Tricks

The following message gives a description of four methods that can be helpful when using your mobile phone in the event of an emergency.

Note that some of the information in the message is true while some of it s not completely true. This means that the value of the message is not 100% accurate. The mobile phone tricks and tips are discussed below:

112 is the international emergency number for mobile phones

It is a fact that when a person dials “112” from their mobile phone, they will be connecting to their location’s emergency services. “112” is a GSM mobile phone network emergency phone number used internationally. A note from Australia’s government website states:

When you are in possession of a digital GSM cell phone, it will be able to connect you to emergency call service when you dial “000” just like any other phone. Since GSM is a platform used internationally, users of phones with this platform can be connected to emergency services when you dial the international emergency number “112”.

Dialing “112” gives access to the user regardless whether the phone lacks a SIM card or even has the keypad locked. However, when the same number is dialed on fixed network, it will not go through. The number can be dialed in any part of the world that has GSM coverage. Callers dialing “112” are automatically transferred to the country’s particular emergency number.

Bear in mind that the caller will only be able to have these services if the GSM mobile coverage is present from any one of the carrier’s network at the location of the call. Mobile phone service providers of a consumer can be able to give them more information about “112” in their location. They will be able to inform you about new enhancements on GSM and “112”.

Since “112” is mainly integrated with the GSM network, it may fail to work in the event the phone is connected to another type of network. There is another site in Australia that has some information regarding the “112” emergency number. The website states that the number is an international standard emergency number that can only be used by dialing it with a digital mobile phone.

It is only taken as a secondary emergency number in other areas of the world. These areas will include Australia and are capable of being dialed then transferred to that country’s particular emergency number.

The requirements will not include reception from a network provider, a pin number nor a SIM card. When you dial the number from a fixed line, you will not be re-directed to the emergency number as it is only applicable to digital cell phones. As much as it is important to have knowledge about the “112” number, people should know that it does not have to necessarily work in every part of the world nor in every network.

At the same time, one will find that there are some messages which are going round stating that the “112” number functions in the absence of a Windows phone 7 mobile network and it can even re-direct to a satellite phone system. The fact is that “112” will try and contact any network and it will not work if there is lack of a signal.

In the European Union, “112” has been integrated such that it is the emergency number for all states that are members and therefore it works on mobile phones and also fixed networks.

Some messages are deceiving people that they should try the number in order to see if it actually works. However, this is misguided advice as trying out any emergency number is irresponsible. When a person tries out the number, they are wasting time with call operators who respond to the calls.

This may in turn delay a call that was actually genuine. When there is an emergency situation, every single second counts and it can mean the difference between a disaster happening or the same being prevented.

You can unlock your remote keyless entry enabled car from a long distance via a mobile phone call.

The mentioned tip has led to a lot of controversial debates on whether it is true or not. Some people state that the trick is full proof and it works while a good number of people disagree insisting that it is even technically impossible. In my opinion, I believe the people who insist that it works may have done the experiment using the trick on their cars while they were still within range of unlocking the car the normal way.

With such experiments, one might find that the experiment would give different results when the range is significantly longer. This means that people who have tried the experiment and found that it works might have actually opened their vehicles in the normal way without knowing.

Even when this has been said, some outdoor advertisements still claim that they have tried the trick from a long distance involving several kilometers. When you use logic, you will find that the experiment is not possible.

The system of a keyless entry does not use sound to communicate rather they use radio waves. This means that the unlock signal is hard to be transmitted through the use of a phone call. A mobile phone and keyless entry systems do not work on the same frequencies and therefore they cannot communicate effectively.

Due to the number of reports which have different theories, it would not be prudent to conclude that the trick will never work at any one time. There are some people who have stated the trick is possible to work when a certain system is used. This system will need the combination of particular keyless entry systems and mobile phones.

Having this explanation in mind, one would understand why the trick works for some people and not everyone. When the false experiments that have been done are added to this scenario, one might understand why some people are insisting that the trick actually works even though there is a lot of evidence that states otherwise.

All that I can give as my conclusion is that I have used the trick using various different combinations of mobile phones and key less entry systems to no avail. Even if the trick works at certain times, it seems to work in rare cases and therefore cannot be taken as something that is really reliable.

Press the keys *3370# to activate hidden battery power on your mobile phone.

If there is a bogus tip on mobile phones it is this one. You can never activate hidden battery power or reserve battery power by keying in any code or sequence of codes. The code *3370# can activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate Codec) on certain Nokia phone models.

This code is used to activate the best quality of sound on the models that accept it. As a result, it will not increase the power of the battery but in fact use more of the battery power. Since it will reduce the duration the battery will last, the tip is actually a complete opposite of what it suggests.

Please note that trying the code on other phone models apart from Nokia will not work.

Press the keys * # 0 6 # to check your mobile phone serial number.

When you enter * # 0 6 # on a phone it displays the phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) but it does not reveal your serial number. It is normally done to check a phone’s EMEI in the event that it has faded of or it is suspected to be a stolen phone. The IMEI can be used to disable a stolen phone such that it becomes worthless to the user who stole it.

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