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Facebook Buys Mobile Phone Company Snaptu for $100 Million

Facebook Buys Mobile Phone Company Snaptu for $100 Million Facebook has bought Snaptu for $100 million according to sources. Snaptu was established four-years ago and develops different Web-based applications for inexpensive mobile phones.

Snaptu was started in 2007 and in its blog Snaptu declared that the possession should seal within a few weeks.

In Snaptu blog post they said that running with Facebook team is its best bet for hastening product development, especially anti-hacking modules.

Facebook also commented that Snaptu will allow it deliver a superior mobile experience more quickly for alleged “feature” phones that have relatively low processing capacities than smartphones.

At the beginning of this year Snaptu released a mobile phone application, which is called Facebook for Feature Phones. It functions on more than 2,500 mobile phone models.

There are large numbers of applications for high power smartphones. For Apple’s iPhone Facebook has already developed its own app, while Research In Motion has introduced a Facebook application for its BlackBerry mobile phones.

Besides, there are Facebook applications for T-Mobile’s Sidekick and smartphones from Nokia Palm, INQ, and High Tech Computer (HTC) that released two Android smartphones in the market, each with added Facebook buttons.

The ownership of Snaptu should help Facebook to raise its client base in developing nations where clients are more liable not to have either PCs or smartphones but only ordinary mobile phones.

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