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Internet browsing and the Risk of Official Control

Internet censorship is the control or suppression of the publishing or accessing of information on the internet. Does having control over internet accessibility a solution to maintaining peace and order? Internet freedom has been abused for personal interest despite having an objective for the greater good of the majority.

During the Egypt uprising, the government decided to cut off all internet connections. Many people realized the importance of freedom to express their thoughts online. Since we are in the social networking era, many people are hooked online almost every hour and communication has greatly improved. A message can easily be relayed across nations.

One of the known public icons Mr. Al Gore made a statement about internet freedom at a campus party in Brazil last month. He wants to emphasize to all that they should defend and find ways to maintain the freedom to browse the internet. He stressed out that no one should take control over the internet including the government and large corporations. He believed that the internet is a network of the people and for the people.

The idea of the government and large corporations controlling the internet limits the scope of people to interact freely. But currently it is very evident that there are instances where information is being filtered and this is very different with the objective of free for all of the World Wide Web.

Some governments believe that in order for a country to minimize or even avoid instances of protest coursed through the internet is through full control or the internet or telecommunication systems. But there is somehow a double meaning on this belief. It will not only endanger the rights of freedom of speech online but also a raw view of modern tyranny.

The problem with internet censorship is that any website can be banned because of inadvertently linking to marked sites.The damage done by unexpected ban is often not reversible.

Freedom of the internet should of course entail responsible blogging. But the thousand year question still remains. Who will censor the censor?

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