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SEO and Relevant Keywords in Content

If your aim is to place your website on the first page of a search engine, your content should be optimized with relevant keywords. Relevant keywords and good quality content are very crucial when implementing effective search engine optimization techniques.

Having the right keywords in your content can attract targeted visitors. When a visitor enters a question into a search engine, they would be expecting to get relevant results relating to the keywords they just entered.

Search engines will then check its database and find potential keyword matches related to the keyword entered and will show several numbers of SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). For the results to be displayed quickly, search engine uses the method of indexing database that contains references of a large number of websites.

Search engines is making use of complex and unique algorithms attempting to index a string of relevant keywords matched to a website that has the most accurate content as that of the search query.

The basis how the algorithms calculate and do the positioning of website is through On Page and Off Page data.

• On Page. This is referred to as the actual website domain and its content as well as sub pages. Search engine is basing its calculation and score through the quality of the content related to the relevant keywords that are visible in the site’s pages.
• Off Page. Associated to other websites that provides a backlink to the domain name URLs where algorithm is calculated and search engines will calculate or score the link information determining the relation and quality of the website providing the link.

It is necessary that the website providing the Backlinks must be related to your own industry contained in your website. By looking for relevant keywords within the pages of the linking website, Google, Yahoo, Bing will be able to identify the related content.

Backlinks are important and get high score from search engine algorithm when they come from authoritative sites. Putting backlink in a human perspective, it’s the same as a recommendation which they normally do when they wanted to suggest a certain product or service based on experience. For instance, website X’s content is on photography, and website Y has the same content, so as both sites has relevant keywords on photography then should be classify as a trusted link.

A website should rank a high position by search results pages through a quality content and been optimized using relevant keywords. In case the visitor found your content informative they might decide in purchasing your product or avail your services and will promote your company not just by word of mouth but possibly will provide links from other internet resources.

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