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Hope for the threatened Indonesian forests

There has been continued clearance of forests in Indonesia for the production of palm oil. But now there is hope for the existing forests since the major producers of palm oil together with the environmental companies have struck a deal on how best palm oil can be grown while at the same time forests conserved.

This follows many accusations that the palm oil company has been facing which to some extent have negatively impacted on its reputation. As an oil producing company, it has been heavily criticized for cutting down forests that store carbon in its attempt of coming up with palm oil plantations. This did not go well for the company that finally entered into consultation with the environmental companies like The Forest Trust and others.

The outcome of these meetings was a deal that in one way prohibits the palm oil company GAR from clearing forests especially where there is carbon locked up. Additionally, old growth and land that is seen as being with a high conservation value should not be cleared. In as much as some of the passed rules like staying away from large tracks of forests seemed to tough for the palm oil Company, no option was left since they have to learn on how to coexist with each other.

The struck deal also involved the company vowing to play a major role in conserving the Indonesian forests. During this time, a partnership between the Oil Company and The Forest Trust was entered into where the company was allowed to grow palm oil in better ways that aim at conserving the environment as well as responding to t5he nations development needs like dealing with unemployment.

It was agreed that in order to preserve the palm oil market, it has to make sure that it has purified all its operations to avoid criticism from the environmental groups. This great deal has been seen as one of the major ways of protecting the habitat and other areas that are more often threatened by palm oil plantations.

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