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Clam Chowder Soup

clam chowder“Pipi” or “surf clam” is a tiny shellfish. Pipi chowder is enhanced with some flour and young potatoes, hence it is just like milk-based clam chowder. Infused with salty pipi solution offset by the the pipi clam’s sweet flesh plus a little fragrant parsley and sweet basil, this clam chowder recipe makes for a deliciously flavorful soup.

Note: Other clam species such as manila or little necks can be used instead of pipis.

What to Prepare:

20-25 clams, washed in cold water 1 diced average-sized white onion 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1 tablespoon of minced flat-leaf parsley 1 tablespoon of minced sweet basil 4-5 diced young potatoes ¼ rock table salt 1 tablespoon of flour dissolved in 2 tablespoons of cold water 1 tablespoon sherry 700 mL of milk 1 tablespoon of butter.


1. Cook the clams for 5 minutes (or until they open) by steaming them in a steamer or stock pot with ½ cup of water. Take the clams from the steamer and set aside the clam liquid to be used for the soup later.

2. Separate the clam meat from its shell and discard the shell. Coarsely chop the clam meat then set aside.

3. Using low heat, melt the butter in a stock pot then sauté the onions then the garlic in the butter for a minute. Then add the parsley and continue sautéing for another minute.

4. Increase the heat then mix in the sherry, letting it evaporate (evaporation could take about a minute).

5. Mix in the clam liquid and salt to taste then simmer this for about 3 minutes.

6. Mix in the milk and add the diced potatoes then cook for another 3 minutes.

7. To thicken the soup, add the flour-water solution and mix well until the soup thickens.

8. Mix the clam meat and basil to the soup after about 5 minutes or before serving the soup. If needed, you can add some more salt to taste.

The soup is served well with a piece of garlic toast.

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